Stem Stitch Flower Rose Tutorial

Stem Stitch Flower Rose Tutorial by Kayla of Knotty Dickens

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Stem Stitch Instructions:
1. Bring the needle up through the fabric.
2. Bring the needle back down through the fabric BUT keep it loose.
3. Bring your needle up in between the previous stitches.
4. Loop your thread around the needle.
5. Tighten your thread by pulling up.
6. Repeat

About Kayla:
In the fall of 2014, thanks to Instagram, I absolutely fell in love with hand-embroidery. I’ve always had a love for arts and crafts but something about hand-embroidery just made my heart skip. Around the same time, I also found out that I was experiencing a molar pregnancy and ended up needing an emergency hysterectomy. During my recovery, I decided to finally start living a full life. My old-soul-lover-of-knitted-sweaters-and-vintage-floral soul that I used to embarrassed about is finally blooming. I’m not completely sure what held me back before but you’ve officially been warned: Kayla is an old lady and loves it!

About the Show:
Hand-Embroidery has turned out to be my craft therapy. And I want it to be yours too. I receive endless messages asking me to show my techniques. Ask and you shall receive. If you have anything specific that you would like to see then leave a comment below.

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